Recently, W3C announced an official logo for HTML5. HTML5 has been around from a quite long time and major browsers like Google Chrome have already integrated it. W3C released official logo on their blog. The HTML5 logo was designed by a creative firm called Ocupop, and itsupports CSS, WOFF and many other technologies, which comprises the open web platform.

Official HTML5 Logo Is Out

Furthermore, the HTML5 logo comes in a multiple formats (including vector), there is an online badge builder provided where you can customize the icons to be used, you can select the orientation and get an embed code to start using instantly.

HTML5 logo looks promising and represents all about this new technology. HTML5 supports dedicated audio and video tags, offline caching and offline data storage among others. The video codec of HTML5 gives strong contention to Google’s H.264 video codec. Browsers like Firefox and Opera openly support many WebM codec.

To get the HTML5 logo and catch more details about it, you can head over by clicking here.