In Microsoft Office Suite, we mostly use Word and Excel, as these two are the most popular application that were used frequently. Except Word and Excel, there is OneNote which is now been ported over to iphone. OneNote app is used to take note, which is now available on iOS, it has become a mobile application that allows users to record audio, write notes and scan documents.

OneNote App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Once the user is ready with data, this application will synchronize the data with your OneNote notebooks through Windows Live SkyDrive; Windows Live SkyDrive is an online document storage and file sharing service built by Microsoft.

Although, this mobile version OneNote app will not have all the features that usually a desktop application offer, but it has been specifically designed for iPhone display and will support all the basic note functions that mostly used by people in OneNote application. OneNote is a free application and available only for a limited period for time.