Pegatron, Apple’s manufacturing partner at present has secured an order for 10 million Apple iPhone 5. Pegatron is expected to start shipping iPhone 5 from September onwards. In another deal Pegatron had also signed a contract with Apple for its upcoming tablet, iPad 3; but, due to shortage of components, the device may be delayed. It is expected that the new iPhone will be coming with pretty impressive changes.


Pegatron To Ship iPhone 5 In September


This deal will really help Asian manufacturing company, Pegatron whose utilization dropped to 50% and gross margins dropped to 1.8% after the shipment of less than 4 million units of CDMA iPhone 4. The company is aiming to improve its gross margin and will try to compete with Foxconn by signing deals for Apple products like iPad and Mac computers.

Another rumor suggest that the iPhone 5 has been sent to different carrier companies for testing of network compatibility. Now, we have to just wait and watch what September brings for us.

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