Mozilla has come up with a demo site called Web O’ Wonder; it is just like Microsoft Internet Explorer test drive which is designed just to showcase its new browser (Firefox 4). Web O’ Wonder is a fantastic and slightly terrifying playground where user of all ages can surf and experience different levels.

This page is designed with a nice blend of WebGL and CSS3 transitions and the video playback is designed at the flexibility of HTML5 and one of the most important thing about Mozilla’s demo site is, it is made of Open Web technologies.


Play with Mozilla’s WebGL and HTML5 Web O’ Wonder


While the Internet Explorer test drive is soulless, raw and synthetic benchmark for new browsers and the Mozilla’s Web O’ Wonder is actually fun. No doubt, Web O’ Wonder is very cool and works smoothly with Firefox 4 but at the sametime it reminds us yet again that truly cross-platform is a tell of flights as Mozilla’s demo site works perfectly in Chrome but only few of the demo’s will work smoothly on IE9 and Opera.

To experience the blend of CSS3 and WebGL, you can head over to this page to learn more.