Research In Motion has announced new models of Playbook Tablet in the on going Mobile World Congress. The new Playbook tablet models comes with HSPA+ and LTE support. Previously, RIM announced Playbook tablet that supports 3G, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max, and it is set to launch in Q 2 of this year. Playbook was first showcased in CES event 2011, at that time Playbook wins many hearts. Now, it seems that RIM is leaving behind the 3G and Wi-Fi technology and is moving ahead with new 4G devices.

Playbook Tablet New Model Announced

Playbook runs over QNX Real-Time OS, it has a 7-inch WSVGA touchscreen display at a pixel resolution of 1024×600, it has dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5 megapixel camera back and 3 megapixel of front camera, it supports HD video recording and offers excellent video conferencing.

As, now many players like HTC,LG have entered into tablet market so, we can say that tablet war has already begin. Now, we have to just wait and watch who is going to win the tablet war.