The one behind the discovery of the famous SHAtter exploit and 24Kpwn has recently announced that he is going to leave Chronic Dev GreenPois0n jailbreakTeam and work independently. He also announced that leaving the team will not affect the release of the much awaited GreenPois0n jailbreak tool. It’s clear that leaving the team wont affect the end user since he is only an exploit-maker.

No one knows clearly what was the reason for his departure. Some say that there were ego issues with other co-members.

Visit pod2g on twitter from here or read the tweets below.

pod2G tweet

  • From now on, I’m not affiliated with chronic dev team anymore. I’m now working independently.
  • This is not a big deal for final users at all, as I gave details of my SHAtter exploit to both chronic and iphone dev teams !
  • To clarify: I’m an exploit maker, not a jailbreak tool developer. SHAtter is my 3rd bootrom exploit (24Kpwn was a team effort tho).

Wait until we hear from him again! Until then stay tuned to