Electronic Arts has officially announced the release date of Crysis 2 in US and Europe. The information came out via Twitter. ThePre Order Crysis 2 most important expected feature of Crysis 2 is nanosuit 2. The story takes place in New York in 2023 with an alien invasion. The game has released with support to Stereoscopic 3D vision and runs on CryEngine 3.

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 shall be released in US on 22nd March 2011 and in Europe on 25th March 2011. The game is right now priced at €158 and is right now available for pre-order. There existed some rumors of the release of  Crysis 2 before the coming December and that was a wrong information and the company hereby announce the release dates on Twitter.

Crysis 2 is now available for pre order in Amazon available for free shipping. Direct links to pre order Crysis 2 are given below for the respective devices.

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