Sony has released the new system update for PS3 users. Sony looks to have fixed its jailbreak problem with this mandatory PS3 3.42 Firmware Update Available firmware update. PS3 Firmware 3.42 seemingly doesn’t seem add any new functionality to your PS3 beyond the usual “system software stability,” but it is required if you want to continue accessing the PlayStation Network or the PlayStation Store. It seems that Sony has included many new security features to prevent the working of all unauthorized games.

PS3 3.42 Firmware Update Available

Play Station 3 Jailbreak first emerged as a USB dongle , and was followed by numerous copy-cat implementations. Sony quickly countered it with a court case banning the PSJailbreak dongle’s sale in Australia. This firmware update seems to be their broader attempt to manage the situation. On Sony’s official blog, the PS3 3.42 firmware update is a minor update but one that does add an extra layer of security to this gaming console. Lets wait and see how the hackers will bypass the new firmware update and it will be  indeed interesting to see how Sony will react!