The Specifications of the PS3Key (PS Jailbreaking USB Device) has been released. Retailing in few weeks from now, thePS3 Jailbreak USB Modchip Specifications x3Jailbreak PS3 modchip costs only 30$. The PS3 modchip (USB dongles) which looks like a flash drive can jailbreak the Sony PlayStation 3, allowing the user to install and play any non-Sony approved (Pirated) games without even breaking the warranty seal. You can also copy them to the hard disk if you want! Check out the specifications listed below:

PS3 Jailbreak USB Modchip Specifications

  • Does not break warranty seal.
  • Compatible with all Sony PS3 Models(Fat and Slim).
  • USB plug and play device.
  • Install in seconds.
  • Supports almost all games.
  • USB device updatable by PC.
  • Disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
  • Easy-to-use software for backing up and managing games.
  • Allows you to play games from hard disk.
  • Homebrew application on PS3 and external USB media can be installed.

It’s hard to say how Sony will react to this. Let’s wait and see what will happen!