There are many popular magazines around us today and many of us are fans and lovers of many popular magazines. We all love to read them and wish to read its every latest release. But many magazines are costly and sometimes we may not be able to afford them. So how can we solve the problem and read magazines for free?

How to Read Magazines On iPad for Free

The zinio app lets you to read popular magazines on the iPad for free. It was earlier available only for iPhone and it was made compatible with the iPad too in the summer, just after the release of iPad. You also don’t have to worry about its cost because it is completely free to download. You could enjoy your favorite magazines on your iPad for free using the zinio app.

You could read popular magazines like Macworld, PC Magazine, Rolling Stone, BusinessWeek, PC World, Sporting News etc on your iPad for free using the zinio app.

Features of Zinio

• Synchronize your Zinio library for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Linux or PC

• Explore and share articles from featured magazines without a subscription

• Flick through magazines seamlessly, in full-screen, landscape and portrait modes

• Interact with enhanced interactive content for selected titles and explore new issues

• Buy single issues or subscribe to premier magazines from around the world

• Read full-color, high-fidelity pages, or switch to enhanced text mode

• Link seamless to the web from articles and advertisements

• Discover content with new navigation, and improved mosaic and TOC views

Download Zinio and start reading your favorite magazines on your iPad for free.