After getting rejected by Apple App Store, Readability app is back in action to turn the attention to Open Web technologies and finally released its HTML5 based Web application. This HTML5 based Readability is easily accessible from any mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7iPad and from other smartphones by just visiting


Readability Launches HTML5 Web App version


Well, that of course means that this app is available for Android and also on Adam Nook. The new app i.e. HTML5 version of Readability took only just two weeks for the developer team to design it.

This app also supports offline functionality; offline support works by storing the sites visited by user into its HTML5’s local storage drive and can be easily shareable on Facebook and Twitter or can even be sent via email. This function works as it is a Web app and every article read by the user has a unique URL address that make easy sharing of articles possible – cool! Right?

Also, for desktop user, they can use this app in their computer by just visiting Readability add-on page.

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