Sometimes you may delete an app from your iPad to free up space or you may have deleted it when you felt that you don’t have any use of it anymore. But what if you wanted it in the future? If that app was required to do some task in the future or if you wanted to share it with your friend or if you felt that you want it again, then how can you recover that deleted iPad app without paying for it again?

You don’t have to get disheartened if you have accidently deleted an iPad app because here is a simple guide on how to recover deleted iPad apps.

Method 1

If you have taken a backup of your iPad before you deleted that app and that backup is still there in your iTunes, then just restore your iPad from that backup to recover your deleted iPad apps.

Method 2

If the app you deleted from your iPad was a paid one, then don’t worry that you would have to pay it again to use it again. If you have once paid for an app in the App Store, then just take that app in the App Store and click on the buy button. Your don’t have to pay for it again and you could just download it for free and install it on your iPad.

Now you know how to easily recover deleted iPad apps. Don’t you? Yes, I am sure of it.

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