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    • That does not work!

    • Please check the steps are done correctly.

    • This only works if they are in your “saved images” album. I dosen’t work if you have synced the images.

    • i am having the same problem. i do not get the delete button on my screen when i select the photo. I get email or copy only… not delete.. is it a setting that i need to adjust..

      Also can someone tell me why when I sync another folder in to upload photos to the ipad it erases what i have on my ipad already..

      NEWBIE.. LOL


    • That feature does not work. It is a known issue.

    • @Davido,
      You are correct friend. But if you have synced the photos via iTunes, then you could also delete it via iTunes.

    • Your comment to @ Davido is incomplete. If a picture is transferred through iTunes you can delete through iTunes. However, if the picture was saved directly from the iPad, the steps you described do not work.

      The red delete button appeared but tapping it does not bring out the confirm delete option. As many readers have complained, this does not work.

    • You are correct friend. This guide describes the way to delete the photos that are saved directly through the iPad. And I had already mentioned it at the end of the article.

    • The delete red tag DO NOT WORK.
      I’m going CRAZY.

    • Bought my iPad on Monday, the 21st, uploaded over 3 thousand photos…can not delete them…plus, I can’t see a Saved Photo Feature…this is a glitch for sure…no garbage can, like the iPhone or through mail. Have the 64GB with Wifi and 3 G…please somebody help. Thank you!

    • I have all of my 7000 photos that are on my iMac synced to my iPad. I would like to remove them all from my iPad without changing my computer.I want to remove them all and then sync one single album.

      I believe the instruction is to delete them in iTunes. Maybe I need instructions on how to do that.

    • We are stuck with this iPad .. My god no way to delete some pictures :(

    • That simply does not work as if you have sync’d the photos into the iPad clicking the little “arrow” top right gets you the word “cancel” not delete. There appears to be NO WAY to delete photos
      which makes me mad enough to return the iPad which I am doing asap. The iTunes idea does not work either as when you go to iTunes you get no indication of where or how to manipulate, edit or
      delete photos. This is a MAJOR failure of the iPad and it seems an i-Idiot was the engineer on the iPad. JUNK!

    • How do you do this thru iTunes as I cannot find ANY way to manipulate, edit or delete thru iTunes it
      just simply is not there. I am going to return my iPad as unacceptable as i cannot get rid of the 1000’s of photos in it. Tom Claridge

    • the biggest mistake i did is to buy an ipad, its only good for games. you cant delete photos you cant copy them either, by the way there is copy option but no paste.

    • wont delete fix apple

    • I also cannot delete 1864 pictures,this is very frustrating the Apple store sales person did not even know how to delete them. So what do we the customer do when they don’t know? I downloaded the pictures from my computer, Can anyone help? Thank’s

    • It is easy what you have to do is open all photos and then the arrow sign on top right take it to right side and delete button will appear on left side after that select image which you want to delete thats it and delete.

    • Here is the only way I found to delete pictures on my IPad…

      1. Delete the picutes from your “My Pictures” folder (or wherever you have them stored on your computer).
      2. Start up the I-Tunes application on your computer
      3. Sync your IPad with your computer.

    • how do you delete pics from iTunes?


    • After reading all comments, I was thinking I will never be able to delete my photos, more so because I am just a starter at nearly 75 years old. I must have done just what kodack described, and surprise surprise the big red DELETE box did come up on the LH side of the screen. Now I feel like I ‘ve got the world by the tail on a downhill pull ! Thanks.

    • Thank You. Finally someone that knows what they are talking about.
      I move my photos to the C drive and re- sync and it works.

    • Does not work I don’t want to delete them off my computer I want to save them there but delete some of them off my Ipad2. Why want it let me delete them off my Ipad this is very frustrating?

    • I found today that I can rearrange the photos on the ipad: first, in itunes, uncheck the “sync folders from…” option when you’ve got ipad selected and you see apps, photos, etcetera at the top of the screen which refers to the stuff on the ipad. then SYNC! and watch on the ipad that the folders on there disappear. the camera roll or whatever stays in place (so far). Then choose the folder you want to work with on the ipad. I work with one folder at a time, not the whole photos folder on the laptop. then SYNC again! Mine worked this way.

      It’s not efficient if you want several photos but not all folders on your ipad. Maybe for some people they need to keep a Photos grand folder for stuff they want on the ipad, and another photos just for those needed never on the ipad. Of course, after I’ve edited and sent my photos to clients, I store the before and after copies on the computer briefly, long enough to copy them to an ordinary huge USB external drive.

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