You could transfer photos from PC to iPad or save them from web pages. If there are photos in your iPad which you doesn’t need anymore, then you could just delete or remove them from your iPad to free up some space. So, if you want to remove or delete photos from your iPad, then I could help you to remove or delete photos from your iPad. Just do the following.

1. Open to the ” Photos ” app.

2. Select the ” Albums ” view.

3. Open ” Saved Photos “.

4. Tap on the arrow button on the top right. You’ll get the delete option now.

How to Delete Photos from iPad

5. Select the photos which you want to delete from your iPad.

6. Tap on the ” Delete ” button.

7. When asked for confirmation, tap on the ” Delete Selected Photos ” option.

This should delete the photos which you saved directly from your iPad. But if you have synced the photos from your PC, then you should delete them through iTunes. Sync your iPad with iTunes and delete the photos which you don’t want.

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