Earlier I posted on many articles on iPad, mostly tutorials and I think some them will be useful to you. So be sure to read them. This time I am going to tell another variety tip about iPad. Many of them think that we cannot send SMS from iPad. But it is not so and you could easily send free SMS from iPad.

An app called Textie helps you to send free text messages from iPad with ease. You don’t have to do things like jailbreaking to run this app. What you should have is just an iTunes account. Here is how to send SMS from iPad using Textie.

1. Textie is completely free. So just go to the App store, search for it and install it to your iPad.

2. Open Textie on your iPad.

3. Tap on the ” New Account ” option.

4. Enter the details and tap on ” Done “.

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5. Enter the activation code that is sent to the email address you entered.

6. After that when you launch the app two messages will be shown. Read and skip them.

7. Tap on the top right button to start sending messages.

8. Now enter the message and send it.

That’s all!