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    • works for 3g?

    • this will only work on the old bootloader and baseband if you install before updating to 4.1

    • how about my IPhone 3gs with iOS4.1 and modem firmware 05.14.02. when is the unlock be available?

    • It works, I just performed this on a iphone 3G 8GB that was updated with the 4.1 Software. I jailbroke and Unlocked it with these steps. Thanks!

    • Yeah what about the baseband 5.14.02
      is it unlockable???

    • Dont Work in my 3g. I install ultrasn0w, but dont work.

    • how about my IPhone 3gs with iOS4.1 and modem firmware 05.14.02. when is the unlock be available?

    • Good question….5.14.2 ( can it be unlock?)

    • Yes, when will 5.14.2 be unlockable? I was able to JB using limerain but unable to unlock at this stage. HELP!

    • I’m just stock after jailbrake. Installed cydia.. added ultrasn0w.. no results… Please if any one got any news about the unlock, inform us. Thanks in advance….
      BTW I downgraded to iphone 3gs 4.0 but the baseband stuck at 05.14.02 so cannot unlock… Please Help ..

    • Followed all the steps and it’s said “Searching…” for 15 minutes now. Normal?

    • You have to be patient … and wait for the unlock 5.14.2 … until today, there is no chance … :-(


    • Same problem. With baseband 5.14.02 using snowbreeze or geohot in cydia the unlock fails and the iphone gives an error message : “Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network” , probably because the T-Mobile network cannot be found using their sim card when located directly below their cell tower.

    • man i have the same problem that u have . i am on baseband 5.14.2 but i have some great news :D the dev tem said when apple release the ios 4.2 the problem will be solved because the ios 4.2 will fix the base band and i will make the signal on

    • when is it possible for the 5.14.02?

    • Just paid through the nose for a 2nd hand 16GB 3GS thinking it was simple to unlock as others I know have done so. I find it’s also the 05.14.02 model and am stuck with an iPhone which doesn’t work as a phone!!!
      I hope they bring it out soon…….

    • same problem here man….
      i hav the baseband 5.14.02 i was able to jailbroke my iphone 3gs using limerain but is it possible to unlock it using different jailbreak software? confuse here…..tnxxxx…….

    • unlock for 5.14.02 should be release next week! can’t wait!

    • i unlocked 5. 14.2 dont ask me how. it was locked yesterday i messed around and it is now unlocked yipeee

    • How can I get ultrasn0w without getting it from my iphone? my iphone has a jacked up wifi and it doesnt work. Is there another way to unlock it? Its already jailbroken.

    • when i do it it says “could not activate cellular data network” i called t-mobile apple and att&t and no one could help.

    • please notify me when unlock is available for 3gs 4.1 modem 5.14.02. i did jailbreak with greenpois0n but unlocking is not possible for now.
      please help………………

    • guys when unlock of iPhond 3gs 4.1 modem 5. 14.2 will come just inform us. thanks

    • i have the same 5.14.2 issue, so any help how to unlock this modem,,,,

    • Im allsow stuck on 4.1 and 5.14.2 base band with my 3GS.. jailbroke it today first with greenpoison then with limerain, worked like a charm, but didnt fix the operator lock.. if anyone knows a way to get passed this i would very much appritiate it..

    • when can we unlock modem ware 05.14.02 ? I had 2 phones with these modem ware and hopeless.

    • I have got the iphone 3gs and jailbroken with limera1n…
      all the cydia packages and jailbreak is succesfully done
      but the only problem is with my baseband version that is 5.14.2
      is the ultrasnow going to be updated to unlock the 5.14.2 baseband and when?

      -plz help

    • omg – finally its working – just unlocked my 3g :-)

    • so when will the unlock be available because ive been waiting for quite some time, im one impatient dude. can someone inform us when it does come out for the iPhone 3gs 4.1 modem 5.14.2 thanks!

    • Just been paciente for the unlock of the 15 baseband

    • guyz plz tell me when ultrasnow will be updated to work with baseband 5.14.2…
      cant wait,.,,
      i already jailbroke my iphone 3gs with limera1n

    • guys please keep this forum updated, n do let us knw when the unlock for 5.14.02 is out.. ;-)

    • I have the iphone 3gs i updated by accident to 4.0 firmware 5.14.2 when is the unlock coming out my phone has been out of comission since the beginging of september:-(

    • I’m also in the same situation as the rest of you… I’ve jailbroken my brother’s iphone 3gs seamlessly but since my version is an ios 4.1 software… the sim card won’t work with the iphone…
      I really hope that they can come up with a solution soon!

    • can the unlock work for international carrier???????

    • ive lost the service of my local network after unlocking..dont know what to do now plz help

    • Does anyone know if they are any further with the unlock for 5.12.2??

    • I have the same issue I have baseband 5.14.2 i know there is no unlock yet but anyone know when would it be possible, If u dont just say no PLEASE. i know its coming out when 4.2 is out but some ppl were able to unlock it. IS IT POSSIBLE TO DOWNGRADE THIS FIRMWARE????

    • Any news about the 15.14.02 baseband?

    • hello…yes i have a 3GS and am using firmware 05.14.02 with IOS 4.1 … so the iphone is like a fricken ipod touch !! desperate to unlock!!

    • dont worry guys the unlock will come out with the release of ios 4.2
      which will be sometime on sit back and enjoy your(ipod) for a while…

    • Hi,
      i noticed most of the people that is having problems here have 3GS. I have a 3G with 4.1 firmware and modem 5.14.02. Can that be unlock yet? if yes, please help.

    • How can I unlock my iPhone 3 gs ver. 4.1 modem 05.14.02
      Please help me

    • Hello. Any news about the subject? I’m desperate because I can’t use the phone at 100% utility.

    • guys don’t panic, jailbreaking the os 4.1 is possible however it is impossible to unlock it which mean the basehand 5.12 up to 5.14. the good news are that the unlock will be available more or less next week.

    • just tired it doesnt work on 4.1 3gs MF 05.14.02

    • NO Luck after Jailbreak. Did not unlock. Continued search and then NO SERVICE

    • Is there a way to downgrade to a lower firmware? Anyone know when ios 4.2 will be out?

    • In another forum im hearing 20th of November for the firmware 05.14.02 unlock. That seems like an eternity to wait! Anyone got info on that?

    • help me to unluck 3gs 4.1 mf 05.14.02

    • I managed to JB my iPhone 3G (iOS 4.1), but Cydia ultrasn0w 1.1 did not UNLOCK my phone. After a 15min of “Searching..”, my phone came back with “No Service” message. It is a 05.14.02 Modem Firmware. How do I get to Unlock my phone. Please help!!!

    • Does this work for firmware 5.11.07?

    • There is currently no unlock for basband 05.14.02 on Ver 4.1 on either the 3g or 3gs
      You can jailbreak the phone using the ultrasn0w software but it will not unlock.
      Ver4.2 is due mid november hopefully there will be a full hack for jailbreak and unlock then.

    • Ok, so i tried this on my iPhone 3Gs and it didnt work, i have 5.14.02, does anyone no when the unlock will seriously be unlocked?

    • Any update on this guys?

    • I unlocked iPhone 4.1
      For each software always there is a solution

    • guyssss any update abt the unlock?

    • this doesn’t work i tried it and nothing i have 3gs 4.1 any ideas???
      it just keeps saying “Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network”

    • Do unlocking iphone 3gs 4.1 modem 05.14.02 can be done.
      Also any idea when apple is releasing OS 4.2.

    • it is Nov 09, 2010 but still no hope???

    • I just installed in on my JailBroken iPhone 3GS was able to unlock it. Here is my info.
      Model MB715LL
      New Bootrom 359.3.2
      iOS 4.1


    • Guys, I am also eagerly waiting for any update on unlocking 5.14.02 version. I have 3GS which is JB, but keeps searching. I bought this phone for my wife, but it is useless :-( Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hey guys, any update on unlock for 3gs with firmware 4.1

    • hi guys i have the same issue mosem 05.14.02 and i am waiting for 4.2 firmware hoping it will be unlocked.
      the Dev-team says that the 4.2 firmware will be out november 12 2010 (this friday).

    • It seems that 4.2 will be out on friday. so till than enjoy your ipod :-).

    • it’s november 10th and yet no unlock is available for iphone 3gs 4.1!!!
      my iphone is like a transexual ipod, it needs to get bak it’s identity! sbdy help it plz! :)
      how would I know when the new firmware is out?

    • 3GS-iso4.1- 5.14.02 bootloder 06.04

      Hey Guys

      Any news yet on the release of V4.2 by Apple and development of unlocking tool?
      any news is good news.

    • anything new for 4.1 3gs MF 05.14.02, yet?

    • It’s out. You can now unlock your 3Gs with 4.1…Yahoo.

      The sodtware is called “Smellmyass”

    • hay no lie i unlocked and jailbroke my iphone 3gs on 4.1 16gb ….. aint that sum s@$t… swear to gohd yall with the directions above i had to do it like 3 times do what the directions say…..

    • I have 3GS with 4.1 and couldn’t unlock. It is 15th November and there is no news from Apple regarding iOS 4.2!!

    • ziplockbagsmakesmegoblah

      I used this before reading the fine print and of course did unlock my phone change the AT&T carrier 8.0 to carrier 8.0, but it won’t work with t-mobile since the baseband is 5.14.02. I was wondering if the new unlock for the newer basebands would still work even if I used what was on this website.

      Thank you!

    • too many ppl seem to be awaiting for v.1(05.14.02). ne idea ? ne dates?

    • Im waiting for the 05.14.02 as well.

      Please any update on that?

      Thank you!


    • unlock 3gs 4.1 5.14.02 firmware, if any one know how to do it, let us know ASAP. thanks.

    • When will be the new version of Ultrasn0w released? Anyone have any idea?

    • help me to unlock 3gs 4.1 MF 05.14.02

    • Guys, Tried Searching for this Software called “Smellmyass” Didnt find anything. Shaun and Rizzo, would help if you can Share where you found it. Thanks

    • Is the 05.14.02 problem still there? Does downgrading to 4 or upgrading to 4.2 help?

    • 4.2 is out i swear to unlock 3gs it will be Nov. 24th or 25th hope that helps.

    • hi…..Amer, any idea… unlock/jailbreak for 3GS 4.1 5.14.02 released in Pakistan??

    • Hi there, any latest news regarding the unlock iphone 3gs 4.1; 05.14.02?

    • Vishal,, didn’t you how big a idiot you are.. smell my ass is not a software.. rizzo and shaun are being sarcastic fools who are trying to make fun..

    • Please Help me to unlock iphone 4.1.. Mail me at

    • pls help me unloack iphone 3g +919988102066, i can pay recommended fees for this

    • Wait for another few hours and we should all have unlock released today..

    • i have a Iphone 3GS with 4.1 firmware and unlocked it but still cant get service help…
      dont know whats wrong

    • I have an Iphone 3GS with 4.1, jailbroken with limera1n. I can’t unlock it. I want to unlock it so I can use my tmobile service with it. Should I upgrade to 4.2.1? I dont own a MAC so I cant use the Pwnage tool. What can I use? Any help will be appreciate. Thanx

    • I hace the exact same problem. Mine has firmware 05.14.02

    • can u post the website to how to unlock iphone 3gs?

    • so that means i could unlocked my 3g 4.1

    • where did you get the software to do that then

    • Unlock is possible for 3Gs 4.1 MF 5.14.02

      Please how do you unlock the iphone 3Gs 5.14.02 4.1? Is it for sure it works?

    • I Think that baseband (6.15) is the IPAD baseband. Will work for now but you might not be able to roll back and also not be able to upgrade to any other releases if Apple releases it on a lower baseband and not on this baseband. Do keep a check on this.

    • I Think that baseband (6.15) is the IPAD baseband. Will work for now but you might not be able to roll back and also not be able to upgrade to any other releases if Apple releases it on a lower baseband and not on this baseband. Do keep a check on this.

    • When i go to Cydia and put on the redsn0w thing it gives the following problem:


      Were did I go wrong? Unlocking seem to go all good…

    • I Think that baseband (6.15) is the IPAD baseband. Will work for now but you might not be able to roll back and also not be able to upgrade to any other releases if Apple releases it on a lower baseband and not on this have to take a chance it will work perfectly but ….
      Hope you happy with this answer and have good luck.
      Ahmed (North Carolina)


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