Pogoplug is known for hardware up until now, but now the software part of it, is currently in beta version. This software will allow users to access files, from anywhere just by using dedicated application for Android, iPad and iPhone. Pogoplug is just like Dropbox that allows user to upload files to the cloud server and access it from anywhere. The company behind Pogoplug is working also to design a printer version of it that will offer remotely printing your data by just installing the required print driver on your computer.


Use Computer As Cloud Server With Pogoplug


The software also allows to stream music, watch movies on all above mentioned devices including most media players, Playstation 3, Internet- enabled TVs and Xbox 360 and it also offers file management feature for any external drive that is attached to your computer.

But all this features comes with a price tag, as it is currently in beta version so you can just able to download the beta version by heading over to a sign-up page. The beta version is free, but the final product won’t be so, here is the chance to try this software before you buy.

The beta version of Pogoplug app is compatible with Windows xp, Vista, 7 and Mac OS 10.6 or higher. To sign up for beta version, click here.