Windows phone 7 has already made its debut in the mobile world. Microsoft has recently announced to improve, the phone software by adding some very interesting features to it. Adding to this fact, now user can save their precious time by quickly copying and pasting.

Microsoft will now enable users to copy text from text messages, emails, web pages and office Mobile documents and can paste it anywhere they can type. Well, this new functionality comes to be very handy; adding to this features user can quickly send someone’s latest Facebook update, links from Internet Explorer and shows turn-by-turn direction from Maps.

Windows Phone 7 Update

The copy-paste shortcuts will definitely save time and apart from that, users can get some more convenient way to search the product online through Microsoft’s Marketplace in order to simplify the entire search experience by categorizing into different types like music, games or applications.

Users can press the search button in the games section of Marketplace and witness only apps or games in the results. Similarly, searching in the music section will display the music catalog.

As far as the availability is concerned, the new latest update will notify users with a pop-up notification message.