Update: The lack of camera applies only to the first generation iPad.

As iPad doesn’t have a camera, we cannot take photos directly with the iPad. So we have to add those photos to iPad from our PC or some other device.
If you have an iPhone with you, then it is possible to take photos with the iPad. Check this out to know more about it.

Anyway, here we are discussing about how to add photos to iPad. If you have some good photos in your computer and want to add them to your iPad, then here is how to add photos to iPad. Just do the following steps to add photos to iPad from the computer.

Method One ( Easy Way )

1. Just email the photo to one of your own email address.

2. Now take that mail inbox on your iPad.

3. Save the image to your iPad photos library.

That’s all!

Method Two

1. Connect iPad with your PC.

2. Select iPad under ” Devices ” in iTunes.

3. Select the Photos tab.

4. Check the Sync Photos from box.

5. Now click on the small arrow to get the drop down menu and click on ” Choose folder “.

6. Select the desired location and click on ” Select Folder “.

7. Now select ” Select Folders ” box.

8. Now select the desired ones from the list and click on ” Apply ” to finish.