Microsoft came up with postponed release dates for the poular Angry Birds game for their Windows Phone 7 OS in the past. Now, the discussion about its launching on Windows Phone 7 platform is over. Angry Birds is now available in the WP7 Market Place for just $2.99.

Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7

Coming up through the iOS platform, Angry Birds quickly captured the attention of the whole mobile gamers. Next, it made its way to the Android devices and got a top place in the Android Market. Angry Birds also made its way through as a PC game and on the Chrome Web Store. It is now one of the most popular games on the iOS and Android platforms. And without any surprise, it has been added to the popular games section on the Windows Phone 7 Market Place also now.

Though it is a paid app on iOS and WP7, for Android users, the game is completely free. And that is where Android users have the advantage over the other two in the ‘ Angry Birds ‘ aspect.

Windows Phone users can download Angry Birds on their devices from the Market Place.