If you are Big Fish game lover like me, then we have a really big news for you. Apple has allowed Big Fish to offer the in-app subscription by which you can access dozens of Big Fish games without paying for each individual one. You can easily subscribe for it through any iPad App. Before this wonderful step taken by Apple, we had to pay and download each game one by one, but now just get the subscription and enjoy dozens of Big Fish games in the cost of just single game.

Apple Allows BigFish to Offer In-App Subscription in iPad Apps

It is not the first time that Apple introduced this service. Last time when Apple announced it, BigFish offered “All-you-can-eat” service at that time as well which also allowed to play dozens of games without paying and downloading each individual game. Analysts are expecting it to be a big success due to the popularity of iPad and super easy payment method of Apple’s App store.

The setup is similar to Netflix Inc. (NFLX)’s streaming application for the iPad. Subscribers can get unlimited access to games such as “Mystery Case Files” and the “Mahjong Towers” series from inside the Big Fish app.

Games played through the subscription service, which are streamed to a user’s iPad from Big Fish’s data centers, will initially require Wi-Fi access to play.

Subscription Details:

Initially subscription will be available for just $4.99 per month but it will be increased to $6.99 from the starting of next year due to the availability of dozens of new game titles.

You can also get it free of cost as well, but that part of the subscription is ad-supported and allow you to play just 30 minutes everyday.

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