So, that’s also decided now. The iPhone 4S has been announced at the ” Let’s Talk iPhone ” event in London. So, now the rumors and the dicussions regarding the iPhone 4S announcement can be concluded I think. And perhaps, the name was also a major discussion topic. Well, we have it now – iPhone 4S. But still, we cannot come to that conclusion as the event is still left to go. An iPhone 5 might also come in the way sometimes!

iPhone 4S

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Stay tuned with us. We’ll be coming up with the detailed features and specs of the new iPhone 4S in another article soon. Now, I’ll give a brief explanation on its specs.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is having a 2X faster A5 dual core processor with regard to the iPhone 4, giving 7X faster graphics! And camera, as predicted, 8 mega pixel one at the back with 1080p video recording and provides Face detection, which is similar to the one seen in Android OS.

iPhone 4S Processor

iPhone 4S Camera

And they claim that, it will not cause any type of Antenna problems this time! Anyway, let’s wait and see what in brings to the show case with course of time.

Images via Engadget

Stay tuned with us as we’ll be bringing more updates and of course a detailed article with all the specs of iPhone 4S explained soon!