Yesterday, we reported about the upcoming in-app subscription offered by Big Fish Games through any iPad app. All of us including the Big Fish authorities were really excited about it, but due to unknown reasons, Apple has pulled this in-app subscription gaming service. Even the Big Fish Game authorities are not aware of the reason. Apple also didn’t reply to the application of explanation from Big Fish Games. This service was not yet officially announced, but in fact it was available from last week.

Apple Removes Big Fish In-App Subscription Service From App Store

Here are the lines from the Big Fish Founder, Paul Thelen :

Thelen said he was surprised by the move because Big Fish had worked with Apple for several weeks to ensure that it met the requirements for recurring monthly charges made through the App Store, a method most commonly used by magazines and newspaper publishers.

“It was officially approved”,  Thelen said. Apple had even seen the app’s press release before it went out earlier today, he said.

We were also speculating it a big success in future due to the very attractive subscription rates offered by Big Fish. Now we have to wait for any explanation from Apple but we strongly want Apple to resume the in-app subscription based games service once again. Along with giving a boost to Big  Fish Games, this service will also improve the Apple’s app store users and customers.

Do you think that Apple will allow BigFish to resume its service and what could be the reason of removing this wonderful service from App store? Let us know in the comment section below and keep visiting Tips Needed for more latest news from Apple.

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