A while ago, there was a lot of buzz over the internet about Apple’s plans related to what we know now as iPhone 4S and now some crazy rumors are on its way for iPhone 5. Macerkopf has actually two rumors for us.

First part of the rumor covers that Apple is not only testing dual core iPhones like iPhone 4S but also quad-core handsets. Quad-Core is a type of multi-core technology that includes two separate dual-core processors. It will probably support iPhone 5. Due to the ‘testing nature’ of the Apple, the software developers are not ready to write apps that have been optimized for quad-core processing.

Apple Testing Quad-Core CPU Powered iPhone With 720p Display

The rumor’s other part is also very innovative that Apple is also going to test various screen resolutions for its iPhones by replacing the current Retina Display’s 960×640 resolution because most iPhones cannot be substituted to Apple’s Retina Display. At the moment we don’t have any clues about the next iPhone having anything other than the current resolution screen.[wp-like-locker][/wp-like-locker]

Apple has many things in the privacy of its own labs. News has also been leaked that Apple is working on a 720p display with resolution of 1280×720 pixels in its lab. According to Macerkopf, the other resolutions which Apple going to test is 1440×800.

Currently Apple is just sticking t0 the old retina display for its iPhone as it wants to keep it secret for its future device. What do you think of these rumors? Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay along with our updates.