It is an annoyance for some people to remember and type the security key while setting up wireless networks. With Windows 7, it is easy to backup, export and import wireless networks settings. The backup is done in Windows 7, settings are transfered to a flash drive and then imported to other computers with Windows 7, vista or XP. The following are the steps for doing it.
1. Go to ‘Control Panel’, ‘Network and Internet’ and ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
2. From the left pane, select ‘Manage wireless networks’ option.
3. A list of the wireless networks you have connected in the past would be shown. Double-click the one you need.
Backup, Export and Import Wireless Networks Settings in Windows 7
4. From this window, click on the ‘Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive’ link.
5. Now, insert the flash dive.
6. When the flash drive is detected, click the ‘Next’ button in the ‘Copy Network Settings’ window. When the copying finishes, close it.
7. Now connect the flash drive to the system you want to import the settings and open it.
8. Then run the ‘setupSNK.exe’.
9. When the ‘Wireless Network Setup Wizard’ comes, click on ‘Yes’.
10. When finished, click on ‘OK’.
Now you can use the wireless network settings.