Research in Motion is still a major player in the smartphone market, those smartphones running on Blackberry platform is widely used by enterprise, corporate and government users but still iOS and Android proves to be the leader in the consumer segment.

To reach to a wider range of users, RIM has made an attempt that will make sure that it will take care of everyday work.  From a multi trusted sources, it has been confirmed that RIM is making versions of BlackBerry Messenger service for Apple iOS and Google’s Android devices.


BlackBerry Messenger App Coming to iOS, Android


Although, there is no word from RIM about the price details, availability or about the technical details of offering, but, it is quite clear that BlackBerry’s Messenger App may or may not be available in full-featured versions as it works on RIM’s BlackBerry platform.

RIM might give this BB messenger app for free or charge a nominal fee. The BlackBerry Messenger app has historically been one of the most popular applications for consumers. So, we are heading forward to listen from RIM when BB Messenger app will be coming to iOS and Android platform and how much they are going to charge for the same?

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