Do you have a better background wallpaper than the existing one to set as your iPad background wallpaper? Then change your iPad’s wallpaper to the more beautiful one. Here is how to do it. Just follow the simple steps given below. You could set/change the wallpaper from your saved photos list or from the list of default wallpapers.

Change/Set Wallpaper from your Photos List

1. Select a photo from the list of your saved or downloaded photos or wallpapers.

2. Tap on How to Change iPad Background Wallpaper.

3. Tap on ” Use as Wallpaper ” button.

4. Drag or pinch to adjust the photo.

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5. Tap on “ Set Wallpaper ” option.

6. Choose whether it should be shown as the background wallpaper of the Home screen or the Lock screen or on both.

Change/Set Wallpaper from Default Wallpaper List

1. Go to ” Settings “.

2. Tap on ” Brightness & Wallpaper ” on the left sidebar.

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3. Select the wallpaper you want under the ” Wallpaper ” section.

Now the photo you chose will be set as the background wallpaper of your iPad.

You could also transfer photos from your PC to your iPad and set it as the background wallpaper.