A change is what is always needed and what is inevitable.How to Change Wallpaper on HTC Evo Like that, if you wish to change the wallpaper on your HTC Evo phone, then here is the way to do it. Read the steps below to clear your doubts and change wallpaper on HTC Evo.

1. Tap on How to Change Wallpaper on HTC Evo.

2. Now tap on Wallpaper.

3. You could now select Live Wallpapers to select preset animated wallpapers, HTC wallpaper or Android wallpaper to select preset wallpapers or Gallery to select pictures that were transfered to your HTC Evo or taken using the phone’s camera.

4. Now crop the picture.

5. Tap on Set Wallpaper or Save to change the background image.

That’s it! Now the desired picture will be set as the background wallpaper of your HTC Evo.