Google Chrome for Android was lifted to its final version yesterday, after the company announced it at the I/O conference. Now, there is a happy news for chrome lovers owning iOS devices. Google Chrome is soon to arrive on iOS with the support for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad along with the Google Drive app.

Chrome Lands on iOS Along With Google Drive

Users will be able to sync their Google Chrome browser with their desktop and other devices with their Chrome app on iOS. The incognito mode will also be available for private browsing options. Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available now but Google would need something more special to overtake Safari as the primary browser on iOS. Safari, provided by Apple themselves, is having more advantage as the OS in the company’s hands.

At the same time, Google is also bringing in their Google Drive service to iOS. Users would be able to access their Google Drive docs anytime.

Both the apps will be available on the App Store later today. And we’ll be coming over with the news once they are up. So stay tuned!