How to Clear Gmail Chat HistoryAfter you chat with someone in Gmail, the chat will be automatically saved and stored in Gmail. Through Gmail, if you talked to someone or someone talked to you or both of you talked to each other, your conversation will be stored as chat history.

If you doesn’t want a particular chat history to remain in Gmail, then here is how to clear Gmail chat history. It isn’t a cumbersome process. It is quite easy. Just do the following to clear a chat history in Gmail.

1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Choose ” Chats ” from the options in the left.

3. Open up the chat history you want to clear or just select it.

4. Now click on the ” Delete ” button and the chat history will be moved to the Trash.

5. Now open up Trash from the options in the left.

6. Locate the chat history that we deleted.

7. Just select it or open it.

8. Click on the ” Delete forever ” button.

That’s all! Now the chat history will be cleared from your Gmail account.

NOTE : You could also go to the chat settings and set Gmail not to save chat history.