Harishankar Narayan, a Mechanical engineer from chennai has manged to hack Microsoft Xbox Kinect to control Tata Sky Set-top box. The desire for a remote free experience has bought up, this concept for Harishankar. In a You-Tube video he demonstrated that, how he control the Tata Sky with the movement of his hands.

He recreates his own code for Kinect, that will allow to control any remote controlled device. Harishankar used a Mac-mini hooked up to Xbox Kinect and a USB UIRT box. The USB-UIRT sends Infra-red signals to the set top box. This set up allows him, to control his Tata Sky using his hand gesture.

Control Tata Sky Using  Microsoft Xbox Kinect

The hack started with the detection of the Skeleton detection code of Xbox Kinect, after that he uses the open natural interface technology developed by Kinect people and then he transferred it to his Mac-mini.