Usually in your computer, you just copy a text using the mouse or keyboard and right-click on it and cut or copy the text or just press Ctrl + X or Ctrl + C to cut or copy the text. But if you want to copy or cut a text in an iPad, how can your do that? If you are unaware of it, then here is how you could do it. Just follow the simple instructions given below to cut or copy text on iPad.

1. Take the page in which the text you want to copy is located in your iPad.

2. Press and hold the text you want to cut or copy with your fingers.

3. And remove your fingers.

4. Now some options will be shown with which you could cut, copy, paste or replace text on your iPad.

5. Select the option your want to perform.

You could also navigate to another place in your iPad and do the same and paste the text there.

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