Gamelion has announced the launch of its popular Doodle Fit gaming app for Android, Symbian and Bada platform users. This puzzle game makes one not only addictive from its vibrant graphics but also enhances one’s creativity level.

In this game users are provided with a set of blocks into given shapes and the players are required to drag and drop this block inside and outside in order to ferret out the layout that covers the entire shape and on using all the blocks, a level will get completed.


Doodle Fit for Android, Symbian, Bada OS


This game is already available for iPhone users and till now more than 200 puzzles with different unique shapes are available.

“Doodle Fit is simple, addictive and can be played by everyone, which makes it a true game for the masses. Following the success on iOS we set us the goal to bring the game to as many platforms as possible. Over the next months we’ll not only will extend the device coverage for the currently supported platforms, but also launch Doodle Fit on more smartphone platforms and consoles,” expressed Sebastian Szczygiel, Vice President of Gamelion.

Apart from this, the game also includes “hint features” which helps gamers to solve hard and more complex puzzles. User can choose from four different themes and start playing Gamelion on their favorite theme they want to play.