Research in Motion (RIM) has launched the SDK for BlackBerry Messenger Application which is made for BlackBerry Social Platform for developers. RIM promised to launch this SDK for developer last year in September. This SDK created by RIM will help developers for integration of other apps, location sharing, file transfer, pushing the social edge, allowing embedded chat and status updates.


Download BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform Beta SDK


The SDK will also give developers the option to embed BlackBerry Messenger chat into games. As said by RIM, the ‘Super Apps’ allows gamer to communicate with their fellow partner without exiting the game and that without the pre-existing of contacts to chat like what we do earlier in ordinary BB Messenger client.

This SDK is currently available only in Java but RIM has promised that BB WebWorks developer will also be made available from the month of April onwards and that will include all the API access that were given to Java apps. Interested developer can head over to this link to download BB Social Platform.