Having no bluetooth feature is really a curse for Windows Phone 7.5 and below devices, although Microsoft plans to introduce it in Windows Phone 8 as they won’t be getting an upgrade. But here is a cool app which enables you to use bluetooth functionality on Windows Phone 7.

BlueManager is the name. The app comes from a developer from XDA (navisluni). BluePhoto was the initial name of the app which was in beta. Now, the name has changed to BlueManager.

BlueManager App

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The app allows the users to send and receive photos from a Windows Phone 7 device to Windows PCs and other devices with different OS platforms. BlueManager seems to be working with Symbian phones. And receiving photos from Android devices also seems fine. But sending to Android devices in’t working properly at the moment. But it doesn’t mean, it doesn’t work on all Android devices and it also doesn’t mean it can send/receive from all other platforms, including Symbian.

BlueManager Windows Phone App

You can download the .xap file of the app from here. And posting your feedback there will be helping the developer out.

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