The Android variant of  Cut The Rope, one of the most popular games of iOS has been officially released on GetJar App Store. The developer of this popular app has chosen GetJar instead of the Android market. Only the add supported version of this app is currently available and the developers are yet to mention the release of the paid version of this app. The app hardly show any difference in appearance or performance compared to the iOS version.

Download Cut The Rope Free for AndroidCut The Rope Free for Android

The objective of the game is simple and is to make sure that the candy reaches Om Nom safety after passing though series of obstacles. Cut The Rope is pretty addictive and will keep you entertained for long.  It comes with 7 episodes with 25 levels each at the time of release. We can also expect  more episodes to be released in the future.

We are not sure why Zepto Lab chose GetJar for their initial release but here is what we gathered from the official GetJar Blog:

We’re very, very excited to announce that the fine folks at Zepto Lab have chosen as the exclusive launch home of their wildly popular iOS game, Cut The Rope. You may be asking yourself, why us? How did we get this exclusive? For one, we’re global. GetJar apps are available in almost 200 countries. Also, as a smaller company we’re nimble, able to pivot. We’ve done some really creative stuff for them that larger companies can’t do. We’ve done a teaser campaign on Twitter (@CTRAndroid) the resulted in hundreds of tweets and an articles. Our considerable PR weight was able to get even more press for the launch. We dreamed up some cool value adds like videos, a songs, and contests that we’ll share throughout our exclusivity period. We worked really hard to make this happen and to bring Cut The Rope to our global audience.

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