This is some good news for Android lovers. The creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman (Saurik), has come up with Cydia Substrate for Android! In addition, Winterboard is also up for download in the Play Store. Many Android users were looking forward for something like this and now they could also enjoy many interesting stuffs which the iOS community owned.

Cydia Substrate and Winterboard for Android

Cydia Substrate supports devices with Android 2.3 or above. To try out Cydia Substrate, you will need to have root access on your phone first. Then download the APK and install the app. Once you have allowed the app permission via Superuser, you are ready to go! One main thing to note that is, it’ll take some time to test it on all devices, get reports and release fixes. So, there could be issues at the moment, depending upon the device, firmware etc.

Cydia Substrate for Android

Once you have installed Cydia Substrate, you could try the popular Winterboard app too! For those who don’t know, Winterboard allows you to customize your device’s looks, switch themes etc. Winterboard has a bunch of themes coming with it and you could also add themes released by other developers if it supports Winterboard. It has just been out, so it’ll take some time for themes to flow in with Winterboard support. Once they are up and going, it’ll save you the trouble of installing custom ROMs and make it much easier and safer.

Winterboard for Android

Unlike iOS, although you have to root your device, on Android you could download Cydia Substrate right from the app store. Play store links :

If you are finding issues with the apps on your device, you can report it via the Play Store.

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