Newegg is offering free download for the latest full version of DivX plus pro 8. This software is designed for windows operating system.  DivX plus Pro is a suite, which comes with various features like DivX plus player, DivX plus Converter, DivX plus Codec and DivX Web Player.

DivX plus player and DivX web player features advanced support for DVD features like scene selection menu, alternate audio track and subtitles and both this players are able to play formats like DivX, Mkv, Avi, MP4 and Mov videos on any compatible device and on web-browser.

DivX plus offers high quality video viewing experience on any compatible devices. DivX plus player and DivX web player are designed to maximize the appearance and audio quality of HD video.Download DivX Plus Pro 8 Full Version

DivX codec pack contents different video and audio codec pack that allows the user to play high quality video formats such as Mkv, Avi, and DivX in any of their favorite media player with a additional DXVA hardware support acceleration, thus reducing the CPU load when playing HD video.

DivX converter, converts your content video file into different file format, allows the creation of video file format up to 920×1080 HD qualities.

Newegg is offering this full version download as a promotional offer and it is valid till 11/4/2011.To download DivX plus pro full version for free, click here.

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