The binary image file for Galaxy Nexus has been released by Google and is available for download. The binary file is an original factory image that can restore the device to its original factory mode. After unzipping the factory image file, the user can find all the bootloaders, baseband and rest of the files that are required to restore back the device. One thing which is required before performing the factory resetting operation is that, the device should be in fastboot mode. The fastboot can either be activated by “adb reboot bootloader” or by pressing and holding the volume and power buttons.

Download Factory Image for Galaxy Nexus

If you are unaware about restoring factory image on a device, then before starting the factory restore operation, read the official instructions from Google.

Extracted from the original source in Google Code. For convenience, a script is provided as well, which restores the entire phone to its factory state. If you’re only flashing some of the images, I strongly recommend flashing things in the same order as Specifically, flash the bootloader before the radio, and reboot after flashing the bootloader or the radio.

Don’t forget that after flashing back to a factory state, your bootloader is still unlocked. Don’t forget to lock it back in order to secure your device (“fastboot oem lock”). Hopefully this’ll be useful to people flashing custom AOSP builds, as it provides a clean supported way to return to factory state.

Download Factory Image from this link.

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