The release of Firefox 4 was a great success, and its downloading rate too crossed the expectations. I think the Mozilla Devs are very much concerned and devoted, since they came up with the new version, Fiefox 5, soon after the release of Firefox 4. Mozilla Firefox 4 was released around 3 months ago.

Firefox 5 Final Beta

There are no much new changes introduced in the final Beta version. Channel switcher is being removed from the final beta version. This feature was brought up recently, but its suprising to hear that it had gone soon. Channel switcher enables users  to run multiple instances of Firefox releases. The CSS animations had been improved in this version. The final version is also accompanied with the support of better add-ons. It also includes user tracking opt-outs using the legendary DNT header and location tracking opt-outs.

Mozilla is also trying to put out mobile version of Firefox 5. It too is coming with the above mentioned changes. You can get the mobile version from here.

The final version of Firefox 5 is expected to be released within this week. You can get Mozilla firefox 5 Beta final from here. Mozilla firefox 6 beta can also be expected to be released within the next 3 months. Hope the Mozilla devs team would provide it soon with greater perfection and new interesting features than the other versions.

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