Couple of weeks ago, Google launched its own social community by the name of Google+. It’s still  in testing phase and only selected number of users are using it but it will soon be available for general public. If you are an owner of iPod Touch or iPad and also have a Google+ account or have a plan to get one when it will be available for general public then here we have a great news for you. Google have made the Google+ app compatible with iPod Touch and iPad. It was already available for iPhone but now you can easily use it from your other idevices as well just like you use Facebook or Twitter. Download it from the link given below and start enjoying Google+ on your iPod Touch or iPad.

Download Google+ App For iPod Touch / iPad

Along with making Google+ application compatible with iPod Touch and iPad, Google also introduced new settings of Huddle, aggregated circle, add notification, stability and performance  improvements.

If you already have Google+ app in your iPhone then simply update it from App  Store and start enjoying these new features otherwise you can also download from the link given at the end of this blog post.

It seems that google took the competition with other social services so seriously as Facebook still didn’t launch the Facebok App for iPad and Google have launched their social service app for iPad.

We will keep you up to date with all latest news about the Google+ and their competition with Facebook.

Download Google+ for idevices

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