iH8sn0w has released the upgraded version of iFaith, iFaith 1.4. It remains the tradition of Apple that the company stops signing the previous version of iOS  after releasing the new one. Same happened after the release of iOS 5.1 beta 1. Apple is no more signing the iOS 5.0 firmware. It is no more a bad news because iFaith v1.4 will help you to save the SHSH blobs of iOS 5.0 which will be the core ingredient of the process if you want to downgrade to iOS 5.0 from any higher iOS version. We would suggest you to take advantage of this wonderful tool as soon as possible to avoid getting stuck on any higher iOS version other than 5.0. The only drawback in this version is that it does not support the latest idevices like iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Download iFaith 1.4 for Windows to Save iOS 5.0.1 / 5.0 SHSH Blobs

Here are the release notes  of iFaith v1.4 :

  • Now dumps iOS 4.4.x (Apple TV 2)/5.0.x apticket + SHSH blobs!
  • Dumping is MUCH faster.
  • Full Windows XP support.
  • Major code improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
Two days ago, Notcom also released TinyUmbrella 5.10.00 to save the SHSH blobs of iOS 5 beta 1, but the difference between TinyUmbrella and iFaith is that TinyUmbrella can save SHSH blobs only when Apple signs that particular iOS version, whereas, iFaith can save the SHSH blobs even if Apple is not signing that particular iOS version.

If you have any kind of confusion about iFaith, comment below and we are here to help you.

Download Section:

Download iFaith v 1.4 [Windows]

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