Apple has released the iOS 4.2.6 IPSW for the Verizon iPhone 4 which has been announced to be available in stores from February 10th onwards. At the Announcement Event, it was told that the Verizon iPhone 4 will run iOS 4.2.5 firmware. But now they have posted the iOS 4.2.6 IPSW for Verizon iPhone 4.

iOS 4.2.6 for Verizon iPhone 4

What does this mean? Does the Verizon iPhone 4 come with iOS 4.2.6 firmware? Will there be a slight change in the firmware version? Or would we be able to update the Verizon iPhone 4 to iOS 4.2.6 firmware after it is released? Let’s wait and see. Stay tuned to Tips Needed for more updates!

In case if you need the iOS 4.2.6 IPSW, then here is the download link :

Download iOS 4.2.6 IPSW for Verizon iPhone 4 from here