Finally the time has come; now flash your Motorola Droid RAZR without being worried about bricking the device or causing bootloops because, a member from popular Xda-developer community, daywalker04 has just leaked out the fastboot file for Droid RAZR.

Download Leaked Fastboot File for Motorola Droid RAZR

The fastboot file can be used to reset everything back if something goes wrong when your are playing with Droid RAZR. Fastboot file is designed for RAZR 2.3.5 CDMA XT912 Verizon USA version and as it is official build so it is completely safe to use.

Now, before you begin with flashing new kernel or playing with RAZR just download Fastboot file (link provided below). And when something goes wrong then simply revert back to the previous settings without losing any information on the device.

The Fastboot file size is over 1GB so developer has divided this file into two parts and hence to allow non-premium users to download the same. You need to download both the files separately and once done with downloading simply merge or join them together by using hjsplit software (link provided below).

When the second is joined to the first, the reconstructed .zip file then can be unzipped by using any unzipping software like winrar, 7zip etc and flashed with RSD LITE tool.


Fastboot File: Part1 | Part 2

HJSPLIT: Download


Via Xda-developer