Redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 2 have been released by the dev team and is now available for download. Geohot’s Limera1n exploit has been put into the new redsnow 0.9.6 beta 2 version and it could be used to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 2G (Non MC) on iOS 4.1 and iPad on iOS 3.2.2.

Download Redsnow 0.9.6 Beta 2

custom bootlogos for iPhone3G/iPhone3GS/iPod2G users (with qualifying bootroms)
an option that implements the “DFU” button in PwnageTool. This button (which you can use from Windows) lets you prepare your device for a custom DFU. Even if you’re purely a Windows user, you can get a trusted friend to run PwnageTool over your IPSW to create a custom IPSW. You can now install that custom IPSW on your own Windows box, after you run this redsn0w version.

Complete jailbreak instructions for iOS 4.1 with redsn0w is given here.

Download Redsnow 0.9.6 beta 2 for Windows

Download Redsnow 0.9.6 beta 2 for Mac OS X

via Dev Team