While plenty of desktop users are happy with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla’s Firefox 4 but still we are waiting for an ideal browser for Windows Phone 7 device that will brings some more feature-filled quality with it. Until we will wait for Microsoft to roll-out Internet Explorer 9 for WP7, Surfy can be considered as an alternate which is a nice option and it’s worth checking out.


Download Surfy Browser for Windows Phone 7


Surfy browser offers tabbed browsing with a full screen mode view and offers orientation locking feature so that users don’t unexpectedly switch from the landscape mode to portrait viewing.  Also, the address bar of Surfy browser offers suggestions as you type a word and the autocomplete option provides suggestion for text input fields.

The browser also offers in-app help and the developer is interested in adding a new user suggested features that will help users to add their ideas along with the app’s feedback system.

Download Surfy browser for free from here