World’s most popular cross platform messenger app, WhatsApp has now arrived for Windows Phone Mango devices. This app was first launched for Android then after its huge success, it made its way through for other Mobile OS platforms and has now arrived for the Windows Phone Mango.

When Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7, there were very limited number of apps available for WP7 devices but now almost all major and famous apps are available for Windows Phone platform.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

WhatsApp for Mango OS works in the same way as it do on other Mobile OS platforms and for now, this app comes with a basic interface but the developer of this app have promised to add more taste to it later on. For getting started with this app, the user need to provide his/her phone number along with the country code to the app. After that a text message containing confirmation code is sent. Enter the received code and you are ready to go.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone Mango has all features that are available on other platforms like Delivery status, typing indications and option to attach media/location. There is also a push notification feature that can be enabled by visiting the app’s setting.

One of the major setback for WhatsApp is that it is only available for Mango devices and if you are already running Mango OS on your device, then you can get it from the Market Place or from this link.