The main problem with Smartphones are the battery consumption and duration till the battery will be completely drained out is not known. All the running apps on the Smartphone consume the most juice of the battery. But to know exactly when your device’s battery will be completely consumed is not known. Helping those people, one of the members of XDA forum, walda, has come with an app, “DrainGuard” that has the ability to collect and store the battery usage data while the device is on standby mode.

DrainGuard Android App - Monitor Battery Usage On Standby

The app is very much helpful; it lets you know how much battery is wasted, how much battery is consumed and how much you can save by not watching Youtube videos or doing something else. Another interesting feature of this app is, Drain On/Off, which allows you to know how much battery the device is draining out per hour with the screen on and while the screen was off.

DrainGuard is available in trail and Pro versions. You can download the trial version from the Android Market or from this link and the Pro version will cost 0.89EUR and can be downloaded from here. But before purchasing the Pro version it is advised to first download the free (trail) version and make sure the app is running perfectly on your device and then go for the pro version if you find the app to be useful.

Via Xda Developers