If you are an owner of HTC HD2, then you must not be happy with the version of software that this smartphone runs on as HTC HD2 comes with Windows Mobile(WinMo) 6.5 installed by default, although under the hood, HTC HD2 is packed with high-end hardware that makes possible for this device to dual boot.

By understanding this fact, hackers were trying from long time to run Android on to this device and hence to offer a dual boot option for it but were not yet able to bring a stable solution to it.


Dual Boot HTC HD2 with RunDroid


To fix this problem, here comes RunDroid which offers dual option to HTC HD2 for Android and WinMo. To use this app, just head over to this link, download it and run it as a file manager in WinMo to just locate it and run only for the first time and then set it to “autorun” mode to boot, from now onwards whenever you will boot the device, you will be asked for the choices to select and run from either WinMo or Android.

To work this app neatly, the Android OS needs to be on your SD card and WinMo on phone’s memory. If you have multiple versions of Android OS on SD card, RunDroid will detect it automatically and runs according to the choices made.