Microsoft has started to understand the needs of the game addicts, and so had officially declared the release of eight new Xbox games for the Windows Phone 7, at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Many of the world wide WP7 game lovers were eagerly waiting for an announcement like this. The games will be introduced in the Windows Phone 7 Mango Update which will be arriving soon.

Eight New Xbox Games For Windows Phone 7

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More new game applications and updates are being implemented in  Windows Phone 7 Mango Update. The new features or updates will enable us to  see our game achievements and to compare  it with those of other Xbox LIVE members. It also allows to see the Xbox live messages and to accept or reject friend requests.

The new eight Xbox games brought into WP7 are,

  • “Beards & Beaks” by Microsoft Game Studios
  • “Hasta La Muerte”
  • “Tentacles” by Press Play
  • “Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)” by Ska Studios
  • “Let’s Golf” from Gameloft
  • “Splinter Cell” from Gameloft
  • “Top Gun” by Paramount
  • “Pac-Man CE DX” by Namco Bandai

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