To make Facebook more secure from worm attacks, Facebook team brings out new security measures, accompanied with Websense to prevent users from being infected by malicious links. The security feature is provided with the help of a security firm namely Websense which will identify these malicious links. If Websense detects a harmful link or url , it will popup a warning message to the user.

Facebook Strengthens Security System to Identify Malicious Links

When a facebook user follows a link, the link will be verified by Websense in a short time. If the link comes across any suspicion, the user will be provided with a warning message telling the user why the link is dangerous and thereby requesting the user to return to previous page. But still if the user wants to continue with the link, he/she can simply choose to ignore the warning and proceed to the page.

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“A platform as popular as Facebook is naturally a target for attackers. We have been working with Facebook and their security teams for a number of years in order to keep their users safe, but now we have integrated directly into the platform for an unprecedented security combination,” Websense stated on the company blog.

Hope the new security feature accompanied with websense will help users to find more comfort to cope up with malicious links and scripts in facebook. For more facebook news, hang on to Tips Needed.

via The Telegraph